Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

So you’ve been tasked with planning the bachelorette party for the bride to be and don’t know where to start? Well fear not- because here are some tips and tricks to help you out in this mess :

1. Decide the Venue for the Party

Deciding the venue is especially important as the first step as it will determine the course of your party- what kind of food, dress up, activities and all that jazz that should constitute the party! And if you think you need a little help, head over to Manhattan Beach party rentals for some timely help!

2. Talk to the Bride to be

Talk with the bride once to figure out what does she want for her bachelorette party- this should answer some of the crucial questions like- whether to bring a stripper or not? How many people are close to her that should be at this party? The level of craziness of this party, etc. Make sure you honor her requests, it’s her party after all!

3. Pick a Theme

Picking a bachelorette party theme is pretty simple- even if it’s a favorite color of the bride- that’ll help in choosing the activities and the food appropriate for the party. Themes like final fling before the ring, bride tribe or Unicron bride are quite popular- you can be creative and come up with your themes as well! As for the party decor- don’t fret too much and hire party rentals Manhattan Beach and do the rest of the planning with ease!

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4. Collect Money

It’s traditional that the bachelorette party is organized by the bridesmaids and so every bridesmaid will be paying for the same. So, collect the money first- so you have a fair idea of the budget in hand to plan the activities for the party. Just let everyone know the costs upfront, so there are no surprises!

5. Send Out Invites

Cute little bachelorette invites will give you all something to remember for a lifetime- so don’t hesitate in sending out those invites! Since the bride’s sending invites for the reception, the wedding, etc. – why not send out one for the bachelorette as well?

6. Set Clear Guidelines

Talk with the bride to be and set clear guidelines as to what is too personal for social media and what is not because not everyone wants their own lives on display on social media platforms. Decide which picture is okay to be posted and which isn’t- what exactly is she fine with and what she’s not okay with, etc. because after a round of shots- things will tend to get messy!

This also means setting guidelines as to who she wants on the guest list of the party- even her sisters-in-law who she probably isn’t super close with can be invited to the party- an excellent way to get close to them! Another thing to consider is that are gifts necessary for this party or not. I mean sure it’ll be fun to watch the bride open boxes after boxes of lingerie but if it’s more about the activities – maybe she’ll enjoy it more! (But hey, if she wants to open lingerie boxes, more power to her!)

7. Take a Lot of Pictures

Most importantly, take loads and loads of pictures and be sure to sing, dance and enjoy yourselves to the full potential because it’s your friend’s wedding, and you only get chances like these only once a while!( or even multiple times- depends!) So, go crazy along with your friends and enjoy the party!